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The number of game manufacturers for live casinos online is significantly fewer than for slots. In Indian casinos, there are many major players. They are quite similar to each other when it comes to quality and gaming experience and often it is a matter of having a bit of luck so that you end up with a good dealer, regardless of which supplier you choose. You will surely find a favorite but the taste will be divided. For Indian-speaking dealers, however, it is primarily Evolution that applies.

Live casinos India are generally better with the really big gaming companies. As they have large player volumes, they can offer exclusive tables via one of the suppliers above, which increases the number of seats in the live casino. They have also usually brought in several of the providers and offer their tables side by side in their live casino lobby. Some really good Indian alternatives where you can find many of the below-mentioned suppliers are:

Bonus for Live Casino

Today several companies offer a dedicated bonus for live games online. Some count the entire bet against the turnover requirement, others only a part. Some allow all games and others only select game types. In our reviews, you can read more exactly how the design looks. At the top right of the list below, we also link our section with more bonuses for live casinos.

Online Live Casinos on Mobile

Although all providers currently offer live casinos online on mobile, it is not completely optimal. Roulette, for example, is a bit tricky on a smaller screen as there are so many betting options. On a screen over 6 inches, it works decently and the interfaces are getting better and better, but if you have big fingers it can be frustrating, especially when in live games there is a bit of time pressure. Blackjack is much better suited.

You should also be well aware that it will use quite a lot of data, so make sure you connect to a wifi or have a good data plan for your mobile connection. We do not advise in any way to live casino on mobile, but it is much better the bigger the screen you have.

While we're still on the subject of screen size, we can take the opportunity to give a tip for the next home party. Connect your computer to the TV and play together with your friends. A guaranteed fun evening and a nice casino feeling straight into the living room!

What is there to play at the live casino?

You can play everything between different forms of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, and a variety of other live casino games. One of the advantages of playing live casino online is that you can see real decks being shuffled and a real ball thrown on the roulette wheel, which is of course much more fun than watching a computer-animated version. Of course, the format has its limitations compared to fully computer-generated games, but the live providers are constantly evolving and new concepts and variants are launched regularly.

Game types

Roulette: Roulette, a timeless casino favorite, offers excitement and uncertainty as players bet on where a spinning ball will land. With various versions like European and American roulette, it's a game of chance and strategy, captivating players with its simplicity and allure.

Blackjack: There are plenty of live blackjack tables. Often with interesting side bets and the possibility to bet behind on other players. There are some bonus variants, but in our opinion, they are not very good. Stick to classic rules and a bet level that suits your wallet.

Baccarat: By far the most interesting live variant of Baccarat is the one called Squeeze, where the dealer sneaks up the cards. The game rounds do take quite a long time, but that's something we can live with. Don't know the rules? Check out our article that teaches you how to play Baccarat.

Poker: Casino Hold'em is the most popular poker game available in a live casino. It's fun as a live casino game, but classifying it as poker feels a bit wrong. If you like poker, of course, poker against other players is the best; it's not something you'll find at a live casino.

Craps: The social craps game was introduced as recently as 2020 in live casinos (by Evolution) and it is like our article that can teach you how to play craps a good way to calmly familiarize yourself with the rules, rather than experience the game. The social aspects are so important that the live game loses a little of its charm.

How does the live casino work technically?

The best way to describe how a live casino works is to break down a casino game into smaller components and look at how they interact, so let's take roulette as an example:

On the casino side, we have a croupier, a roulette wheel, and a roulette ball.

On the player side, we have a player, a canvas with betting options, and playing chips.

Then we have the various moments in the game itself:

A game round begins with the player indicating how much to bet by placing chips on the canvas.

The croupier spins the ball and waits for it to land on a number.

The number in the pocket where the ball stopped is matched against chips on the canvas and winnings are paid out and/or bets are taken by the croupier.

On the player side, all information can be easily managed using an interface to communicate bets. No problem, most hobbyist programmers can solve that in a couple of hours. With today's technology, of course, they are not satisfied with a hobby solution but offer advanced betting systems, statistics, and almost always also a chat function. Transactions of winnings and bets are of course also handled under the hood, these systems also communicate with the casino's platform itself and can also interact with payment solutions, etc.

On the other hand, slightly more complicated solutions are required from the live casino provider's side. There, cameras must translate the visual representation of the ball's position into a computer-readable format so that the information can interact with the software and the player's bets. With advanced camera technology and a studio environment with customized tables (contrasting colors and sensors, etc.) this happens completely automatically, but with the vast majority of live casino providers, the croupier also checks and approves manually that the digital representation is correct.

In many cases, the croupier also starts each game round and closes the betting window, but there are also fully automated live tables without a croupier. There it is a bit faster with up to 80 roulette rounds per hour (40-50 rounds are average for "regular" roulette variants in live form), but if speed is a priority then fully computer-generated versions are preferable to live games.


Live casinos India offer diverse games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker. Technical operations involve player interfaces, cameras, and croupiers. Providers strive for accuracy and efficiency, with some tables being fully automated. Despite challenges, live gaming continues to evolve, offering immersive experiences for players seeking the thrill of real-time interaction.

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