Playing Roulette Online

Playing roulette online offers plenty of choice and variety: American, European, or lightning-fast, and of course, also in live format. The choice is yours!

Roulette casinos - how to think

Finding a good casino, or even the best one for roulette, is not easy. It also depends on which game manufacturer's roulette variants you prefer. It will most likely end up being a live casino, where roulette is undoubtedly the very best.

To provide you with a couple of concrete tips related to this, we can say that in a live casino, it is always useful to see the bet levels around the tables. It is very disturbing to click on a table and discover that the stakes are far higher than what you expected. So, make sure you see bet levels around the table already in the lobby.

When we talk about live roulette, the gaming experience depends a lot on who is spinning the ball. Some croupiers are better than others, maybe not at spinning the ball but at how entertaining they are. Unfortunately, this means that it is difficult to find a table that is consistently good as the staff rotates a lot. There is not much to do about it; what we can find continuity within is the interface and one we enjoy.

Take a look at the variants of the different manufacturers, and then you can stick to them when you find your favorite:

Evolution: A Swedish live operator with a huge range and an intuitive interface.
Playtech: Long experience and a feeling for classic simplicity.
Pragmatic: Relatively new in the field but with technology at the forefront.
Live casino roulette online

Roulette on the Internet is, of course, the Rolls Royce that is played live, but taking the step and playing casino live can be a bit nerve-wracking for beginners as it feels like you have "eyes on you", especially when the croupier may personally welcome you to the table. But don't feel pressure and take your time to explore the game's controls and betting options, which with most operators are very intuitive.

If you have never played roulette online, we still recommend that you first try one of the auto-generated variants that are out there. There are also intermediate options such as First Person variants from Evolution. These have an identical layout to live, but computer-simulated - there is also a button where you can easily "GO LIVE" when you feel comfortable.

Roulette rules

A roulette table (in European or French roulette) consists of 37 compartments that are numbered with the numbers 0 to 36, and it is then one or some of these that you as a player can place bets on. In American roulette, however, the wheel has 38 numbers, a double zero (00), but otherwise, the games do not differ much.

You can first of all choose between betting on individual numbers, between two numbers, or in a corner and betting on four numbers. Or a combination. There are rarely any restrictions on how many chips you can place before a game round starts, but the game is, of course, designed in such a way that a bet on both red and black will not pay off in the long run (zero is green).

You can also choose to place your bet on different predetermined groups that cover 18 numbers each, which you do on the so-called "outside section" of the table. Among these different options, you can then bet on either all black or red numbers, all high or all low numbers, and odd or even numbers.

As if that wasn't enough, the table's numbers are also divided into 3 columns of 12 numbers each, where you can bet on any number between 1-12, 13-24, or finally 25-36. The table is similarly divided into three rows, or dozen as it is called, with 12 numbers each, and here you can then choose to bet on all the numbers in a whole row of the 3 that are on the table.

Roulette payout (European rules)

The payout differs depending on the bet made. In the picture below, we have shown all the possible bets that can be made at a roulette table. Below the picture are the payouts (for European rules, which are most favorable) and the English phrases you are sure to come across at the tables.

Betting terminology and payout (from left to right):

Straight (single number: 1) - 35:1
Split (two numbers: 4, 5) - 17:1
Street (three numbers: 7-9) - 11:1
Corner (four numbers: 7, 8, 10, 11) - 8:1
Six Line (six numbers: 13-18) - 5:1
Dozen (twelve numbers: 13-24) - 2:1
Column (twelve numbers, horizontal, every third: 1-34) - 2:1
Odd/Even (odd/even numbers), black/red, and 1-18 / 19-36 pay 1:1

The first number indicates which chip is on the respective bet (in the picture, the 2 chip is thus a Split bet, 5 a Street, etc.). Then follows the English name for the investment. Followed in brackets by a Swedish translation and which numbers exactly according to the bet (in the picture). This is followed by the payout where "35:1" means you will get back your stake (1) plus 35 more stakes.

This is just a demonstration of the different bet types; you can, of course, make a Street bet on the line between the 3rd column and number 25 to bet on 25, 26, 27. Or on other splits than 4, 5 - just the split bet you can also add vertically, say, for example, the line between 14 and 17.

Inside and Outside bets

A distinction is also made between Inside and Outside investments. Inside are all bets that are placed within the numbers 0-36, and outside betting options that are found outside. A Six Line bet is an inside bet. A bet on red is an outside bet. Outside bets cannot be combined by placing a chip "between" the two options. So you may not place a chip on the line between red and black, but you may place individual bets on each of the options.


Navigating the world of online roulette requires thoughtful consideration of various factors, from preferred game variants to the reputation of manufacturers. Live casinos offer immersive experiences, albeit with the occasional inconsistency in croupier performance. Beginners can ease into the game with auto-generated variants before venturing into live play. Understanding the diverse betting options and payouts is crucial for maximizing enjoyment and potential winnings. With careful exploration and practice, players can find their preferred roulette experience and embrace the excitement of this timeless casino classic.

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