Progressive Slot Jackpots

Winning a jackpot is every player's dream. The fact that the possibility of winning very big with a very small bet is probably also one of the most important reasons why money games are so popular.

The History of the Jackpot

The etymology behind the word jackpot is interesting. The origin of the word comes from the world of poker and more specifically the game Jacks or Better.

In the mid-1870s, it became popular to arrange this form of dark poker with the requirement that the pot be opened by a player with at least a pair of jacks.

If no one had such a hand, the players would still put money into the pot. Each player was then dealt new cards and a new initial betting round began.

With several unsuccessful starting rounds, the pot could grow relatively large before the game started.

However, this is the modern etymology behind the word used today. The concept of pots and pools is of course not new. Forms of play in which participants' stakes are put into pots and then distributed among a few winners have existed for several thousand years.

What is a jackpot?

In the context of gambling, it now applies, as in the Wild West of the 1870s, that the word jackpot describes a pool of prize money that continues to be replenished until the condition for the prize to be paid out is met.

Different Forms of Play Give Different Jackpots

Exactly how the jackpot grows, and how quickly it happens, depends on the form of the game. For example lotto games, lotteries, and tips, it is usually the case that high winnings that are not paid out are "rolled over" to the next round.

Profit and payout

Note that some games have "fixed" jackpots of predetermined amounts.

Rather, the player organizer distributes the earnings like a regular distribution. Video poker is one game where jackpots are often set.

Certain slot machine games combine fixed and progressive jackpots. NetEnt's Divine Fortune and Imperial Riches are two excellent examples.

Which games have jackpots?

Growing pools are available today to win on every possible game of chance. You can win big jackpots in all areas:

Live Casino
Bingo Lotto
Betting is probably the only exception. Read more about the different forms of gambling below with a focus on casinos and slot machines.

Casino Jackpots

Even people who are completely uninterested in gambling can't avoid hearing from time to time that a lucky player somewhere in the world has won multi-millions.

Online casinos are very good at telling you which big wins their players have won.

Big jackpots

It is above all video slots and bandits that can bring the biggest money, so these are the ones we focus on below. Read on and get useful information about everything related to casino jackpots.

Popular casino jackpots

If you visit any online casino, you will quickly find a range of jackpot games. Some sites place more emphasis on this category of games than others, but no site completely avoids it.

Slots with jackpot

NetEnt slot titles can be seen on gaming websites rather frequently. That makes perfect sense for a reason, the variety of jackpots offered by NetEnt is astounding.

Mega Fortune is the most traditional progressive slot machine in the lineup. Arabian Nights is another well-known book, and Hall of Gods is a third.

Dreams is another addition to the Mega Fortune sequel. Please be aware that there are fewer of these machines on casino websites.

Different types of jackpot pools

Earlier it was mentioned that there are different ways to top up a winning pot. For slot machines, there are three options, namely:

Private pool
Network pool managed by a casino operator
Network pool under the auspices of a game provider

Private pool

An individual pool only applies to a specific machine at a specific casino. Only the bets that are paid in on the site in question are therefore included in the pool.

Games provider Betsoft's machines often work this way. There are also examples of sites creating individual pools for games that belong to one of the other two categories.

Divine Fortune, Imperial Riches, and Mercy of the Gods are by far the most common in this context.

Network pool

A network pool can be created by either an individual casino operator or a gaming provider. If the former applies, the stakes can be pooled in two ways. Firstly, all bets on all jackpot games from the same provider can be pooled.

Second, all bets on a particular game can be pooled across the sites operated by the casino owner.

Network pools managed by gaming providers are the type of jackpots that provide the biggest wins. This is also the most common construction. For these, bets are fed from every single machine at every single casino connected to the jackpot.

Mega jackpot

For Mega Fortune, to take a good example, 5.39% of every bet regardless of the gambling site goes to the progressive Mega jackpot. This is administered by the provider NetEnt.

When a lucky player goes all the way in the bonus game, it is then NetEnt, not the casino, that pays out the millions.

Progressive tips games

The principle of progressive pots applies to tip games such as The Ironing Tip and The Target Tip as well as to bets on horses.

If no player succeeds in getting, for example, 13 correct on the ironing tip, the winnings that would have been paid out for that outcome are carried over to the next week's round. The same concept applies to the V75.

For this type of game, the principle of "expected value" is highly relevant.

A good tip is to only play these games when the jackpots are boosted!

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